Avoid three pieces of kids' lights hidden danger

  • Kids' room is both learning, games, rest and storage function, that is a real world of children, so the room had better produce a warm and peaceful atmosphere. In addition, we also need to have appropriate local lighting in the room to read a book in the children, doing their homework, look at books, looking for using the stored products, or the use of modeling the rich lighting for the room.

    First wall conductors shall be installed into wall
    Circuit is very dangerous for the room, we have to pay more attention to the problem, because children have strong thirst for knowledge and good mobility, but they lack the necessary self-protection awareness. So try to best in the wall treatment, to avoid leakage circuit pose a threat to kids' safety, especially in the kids' room equipped with wall lamp, be sure to avoid leakage and avoid touching the child,

    kids lamps

    Second reserved power hole
    Kids' room will be reserved for power hole, in order to protect the safety measures we also be outside, or have some pull on the market now but also more suitable for installation in the kids' room, the kids also play a role in security. For bedside lamps are control of the power switch, turn off the Kids Lamps to avoid leakage after the child, the emergence of dangerous falls.

    Third the socket should have cover
    We choose kids' room lighting, we could be as possible based on the kids' age and choose lighting style, for children, the external lamps must have shade, avoid signs bulbs used for too long, and the child is not sensible. The mounting position lamps also designed higher, the light is too hard to avoid cold. For some older children, you can choose a simple operation lamps, but also to ensure safety knowledge to the children, prevent the occurrence of danger. Try not to design the kids' room, to avoid electric shock, the second is to avoid dangers for the kids.

    Lights are very important for a family, different place needs different light style, here is an article which about interior light decoration, you can read and get some ideas.