It also feels like an inevitability to everyone that uses it

  • Naughty Dog just celebrated its 30th anniversary, fifa ultimate team coins so I’ve been at least 30 years in the games industry, and this is the single largest challenge. It also feels like an inevitability to everyone that uses it.

    If you believe this is inevitable, and if you believe this is a hard challenge, getting in early and failing a few times perhaps financially failing a little bit, struggling, making sure you make ends meet is the best way to give yourself a shot at the next gold rush in the industry. The gold rush is not there anymore in mobile, at least from my perspective. It’s very hard to get there. So that’s one way.

    People have been very accepting of that concept. The second way I’ve won hearts and minds is just putting them in VR. The minute you do that, they want to do it. The most important indication of the success of VR, to me, has been the fact that every single developer I’ve signed at Oculus has asked me to do a second ***le. They’ve either signed or they’re pitching to do a second ***le.

    Many developers, some of them well-known developers, have said, “Listen. We’re winding down our other contracts over time. We’re all in on VR.” Not a single developer I’ve worked with has said, “After this game I’ll go back to doing something else.” It’s incredibly compelling. If all the developers we’re working with buy in, it’s going to create the content that brings the audience.

    Oculus’s answer is that we believe in both, clearly. We have our partnership with Samsung and we’re working very closely with them on Gear VR. We’re excited about that product. The $99 price point announced a couple of weeks ago is an incredibly compelling addition to a phone you already have to get you into VR. It provides a really cool experience that surprises most people who put it on. They say, “Wow, this is absolutely amazing.” On the other end of the spectrum we have the Rift.
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