We have an Xbox integration that plays through Rift

  • The short session experience I’m not sure is a truth. fifa 16 ultimate team coins There are things I’ve done for many hours without having a problem. What I will say is, there are some things we’re really good at doing in 2D games. 30 years of Naughty Dog has created ***les that are not all of a sudden going to go away. A lot of those ***les won’t work in VR because of the locomotion issues and comfort issues.

    I still want to play those games. VR does an incredibly good job of letting me play those games on a 70-inch television with the best sound system in the world sitting next to a friend. Nobody in VR space says, “We’re going to wipe out every other kind of game.”

    You don’t hear that. No one at Oculus says that this is the end of anything. We think that it amplifies and improves everything that’s out there. We announced the Netflix app. Netflix is awesome in VR. It’s a gigantic screen that most people can’t afford to have in their house. On a plane, if you download your movies, it’s a great way to zone out in coach.

    Maybe not everyone. But I have a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter. I happen to love the Grand Theft Auto franchise. I can play it in front of her if I have a headset on. When I was going to college and I was stone broke, we were three people sharing a tiny TV.

    I can put on an Oculus headset, plug it into my laptop, and I’m sitting in an amazing room watching TV, again, with friends who are not in the room, avatars of my friends. http://www.utfifa.co/ I can tune out my roommates. They’re not there anymore. We have an Xbox integration that plays through Rift. It’s amazingly good.
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