The level I played was well-designed for a game that requires s

  • The level I played was well-designed for a game that requires speed and efficiency. cheap fifa 16 coins It had a flow to it that ensured I never got lost or wasted time in a particular section. The enemies’ AI is quite basic at the moment, with creatures merely running directly at you, but the diversity in both enemy types and tactics is sure to improve with time.

    The available weapons did a wonderful job of keeping me alive, up until I walked in on a rather grumpy boss creature taking a nap. It quickly made mincemeat of me despite my frantic attempts to put some distance between us. Overall, the gunplay handled similarly to that of Warframe, which is a promising start. Once the animations and a few jagged edges are smoothed out, the game could very well surprise us all.

    Discussing the game with Gerhard Botha, the design manager on the project, he explained that the idea of creating a major social experience was an integral aspect of the game’s design. They plan to incorporate somewhat of a leaderboard system where friends can compete against one another to get the highest score and quickest time in each level. While the co-op mode was not available at rAge, the team is hard at work on making it an action-packed, compe***ive joyride.

    Axon Games is made up of four full-time developers, consisting of Gerhard Botha (Design Manager- level design and animation), Aletius Botha (Art Manager- 3D modelling and art), Eugene Albasini (Technical Manager- programming), and Nico Fourie (Business Manager and marketing). Every member of the team comes from a different field, with two of the members being microbiologists and one even coming from a career in aviation. They are a self-funded company, and they plan to put Kronostasis up on Steam Early Access in the near future.
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